At MetaView, we are guided by a powerful
yet simple approach that delivers results.

Our Methodology



Through joint exploration
We meet with you and learn about your needs. We explore different ways to get meaningful data on your current situation. This involves asking questions of you and other key players, as well as key reports.

The data and information collected will reflect several perspectives. Together we create a systemic picture of your current situation.

Prioritize Focus

Prioritize Focus

Through deep understanding
We agree upon a way to facilitate important conversations about your current situation. This enables team members to gain a new appreciation of each other’s drivers and perspectives, and uncovers important issues that were previously unknown.

We use techniques to help you determine which alternatives will most leverage the outcomes that you want.

Commit to Action

Through motivated teams
Rather than expect management to “fix” things, we draw upon what was heard from key stakeholders and build upon their energy and expertise to address important issues.

We have found that even the busiest people volunteer to address challenges and find solutions in their organization when they feel that they will be heard and that the process is structured thoughtfully to produce results.

Track & Sustain Progress

Sustain Progress

Through feedback-based learning
We facilitate agreement in meaningful ways to encourage and track growth. Quick visible wins are acknowledged and celebrated.

When teams contribute to metric design to track progress, they co-own achieving the results. We believe in having fun to sustain momentum and solidify change.