What if you stepped into your true strength as a leader?

Executive Coaching


Are you ready to:

  • Improve your impact?
  • Lead change more effectively?
  • Integrate your work and life in a healthier way?
  • Engage your staff and colleagues more effectively?

We work with strong leaders who want to become exceptional leaders.

Ever-Changing World

Employees are more distracted than ever by the accelerated pace of change.  To manage the overwhelming flow of data and information, organizations must focus and evolve to be more adaptable than their competitors.  Cultures that are best positioned to thrive are those that encourage risk taking and continuous learning in rapidly changing environments.

With the proliferation of technological advances, leaders experience shifting expectations in their work and personal lives.  Once leaders understand these complex challenges, they can often create new opportunities for individual growth and competitive differentiation for their organizations.

Value of MetaView Coaching

Our coaching focuses on bolstering leadership capability.  We create a partnership that focuses on top priorities, honors the leader’s energy and values, and connects with the organization’s systems, strategy, and culture.   Amazing results happen in a coaching relationship when leaders address what’s truly important and identify what’s been blocking their best intentions.

The leaders we partner with learn to clarify direction, provide perspective and continuously develop.  This enables them to build the capacity to create a collaborative and shared model of leadership with their teams.  Their teams can now make decisions with a broadened perspective and a newfound ability to address the inevitable challenges while also harnessing the strengths of their organizations.

Why MetaView?

We are leaders ourselves—our coaches have served as executives at Fortune 500 companies, emerging businesses, and start-ups in the corporate and non-profit sector across healthcare, higher education, financial services and technology industries.  Most of our coaches have earned advanced degrees in business and personal development.

We believe leaders actions are shaped by the systems within their organization.  We seek to understand that system in order to separate organizational dynamics from individual potential.

We continually refine our coaching relationship to ensure that the insight, pace and interactions serve the client. This type of open communication and non-hierarchical relationship design is often a template that clients use in other relationships.

We do more than coach— our deep talent pool of associates complement individual coaching engagements with organizational consulting and team development expertise.  We can create and implement a breadth of customized programs at the team and enterprise level to bolster organizational effectiveness.

We prepare our clients to succeed after the coaching relationship has ended—we work with our clients and their organizations to design new types of support to ensure behavioral change and results are sustained.

We walk the talk—our coaches are committed to their own learning and development and have a rich community in which to collaborate and share best practices in the field

How We Work

Assess client readiness and match client and coach based on experience, goals, and focus.

Conduct interviews or assessments to gain an understanding of how the client sees themselves and how colleagues see them.

Connect the coaching program to the organizational needs by facilitating three-way meetings with the client’s manager and client to discuss progress and ensure alignment and accountability.

Over the course of the engagement— typically six months—coach and client meet regularly via phone and in person to develop a plan, design actions, brainstorm alternatives and change behavior.

At the commencement of the coaching engagement, we provide a customized package to support a leader’s future development without a coach.

"Working with MetaView was one of my best career moves. My responsibilities recently increased and I was overwhelmed with the new requirements. The coaching helped me discover what was holding me back from accomplishing my goals, and we addressed areas that improved my communication, leadership and even life skills. After the coaching, I was able to advance in my career and am a much better leader today."

- Physician / Program Director at large teaching hospital