What if you became a great organization?

Organizational Support

Organizations are more overwhelmed than ever–whether it is a non-profit vying for limited funding, or a corporation whose stockholders want a sharper slope in the firm’s equity value than its competitors.  With unlimited information and the mining of big data, organizations can only survive if they can continuously improve their delivery on their mission and satisfy an ever more demanding and diverse set of stakeholders.

Senior management wants to avoid risk—often at all costs.  To minimize risk, senior leaders should have a pulse on what is working and what needs to be addressed within their organizations.  However, given how busy and distracted their environments are, many leaders signal to their teams that they do not really want to know what challenges exist and what’s broken in their systems.  Leaders also lament that they no longer can tell who they can count on for what and struggle with delegation.

When MetaView partners with organizations, we start with providing a useful context for an organization’s current situation using our approach.  Examples of actions that may be needed are reflected below.  We often are asked to support these needs.


Success Story:
Strengthen Organizational Capability
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Success Story:
Improve Productivity
and Organizational

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Examples of Organizational Needs:

Clarify Success and Future Vision
Develop Strategic Initiatives
Streamline Operational Processes
Realign Organizational Culture
Change Management
Leadership Development
Other Skill Development

Communication Workshops
Develop Role Clarity
Refine Operating Principals
Transition Management
Employee Engagement Training
On-Boarding of New Hires
Develop an “Early Warning” System

Strategic Alignment

An organization’s success is highly dependent upon its ability to implement a strategy. Often we see impressive strategies, yet inconsistent communication, execution, and a lack of confidence regarding success.

We excel at working with organizations to establish strategic direction and alignment, often discovering that a traditional strategic planning process is not required. We focus on identifying which elements of your organization are both enhancing and impeding your ability to execute by doing a pulse check of leading indicators, including viewpoints held by your stakeholders.

We are certified in market-leading tools that support this strategic alignment process.

"We retained MetaView to help us transfer both ownership and management of our company as the founders approached retirement. Steve set up a process that revealed a range of viewpoints about our firm as well as scenarios about where our company could go. His facilitation led to an honest discussion of these differences that enabled our leadership team to establish consensus on overall directions for the company. We successfully pursued those directions during the ensuing year and have used Steve and his MetaView associates again for a variety of strategic initiatives."

- CEO of a technology-based consulting company operating with offices in five states