Is this the time to engage MetaView?

Are You Ready?

We have found that project success is largely determined by the quality of key relationships that we build with our clients and our collective design and trust in the process.

We can help you assess your organization’s receptiveness to an effective partnership. Consider the following criteria:

Openness to new perspectives

Do you want to develop solutions that reflect the full implications of the situation and the organizational dynamics?

Are you struggling to articulate a reason for the change that is compelling, and inspiring, to key stakeholders?

True partnership

Are you willing to partner to create sustainable change?

Do you want to establish relationships across the organizational levels and feedback mechanisms that support change and growth?


Are you open to accept your contribution to both the current challenge and the solution?

Do you agree that past success does not ensure future success and past failure does not mean future failure?

Respect for the interconnections

Do you recognize that addressing an individual element in a vacuum does not create large scale change?

Do you see how changing one part of an organizational system impacts other parts of that system?

Sincere interest in learning and improving

Are you committed to productive discourse and improvement?

Do you value candid feedback and see it as critical to you future success?

Core value congruence between stakeholders

Are you ready to partner with a consulting firm that respects the varied needs of stakeholders across your organization?

Do you want to partner with consultants and coaches who aim at work-life integration and enjoy the process as well as achieving results?