What if you functioned as a high performing team?

Team Development

“Is anything more powerful than a cohesive team with
clear objectives and an agreement on how to work and learn together?”

- MetaView Associates’ Observation

Throughout recorded history, renowned individuals have embraced the role of thought leader, inventor or visionary.  However, to realize the full potential of their innovation, these luminaries had to secure the support of teams.

In today’s organizations, teams are pulled together to accomplish important goals, yet they often fail to establish a foundation that will serve them and their constituents.  In our work, we rarely see a shared set of goals, operating values, and role clarity in teams.  Recognizing these critical success factors, at MetaView we invest in relationships, understanding and alignment so that we can more readily partner with each other as projects emerge.

When working with our clients, we bring significant experience forming, norming and performing in teams.   MetaView associates are trained in team coaching in addition to supporting individuals.  Due to the wide variance of team needs, we do not used fixed curriculum–we design a flexible approach that targets these team needs and reflects the collective input from each individual.   For example, a surgical team of clinicians has diverse needs for their alignment compared to a corporate team comprised of product line leaders. Together, we use techniques that give teams the ability to identify the foundational elements to create positive momentum and prioritize a customized plan to that will move teams to a higher level of performance naturally.  

Team coaching is exceptionally beneficial when a team wants to address one or more of the following needs:

Team Coaching

"MetaView assisted our senior team during a transition to the next generation of leaders. Steve Frigand and Lina Foster developed creative and well-structured exercises that enabled everyone participate and contribute their thoughts about the company’s future in a way that we could build upon, and create a transition plan that we tracked on a monthly basis. Due to the success of the transition work MetaView has been retained to provide individual coaching to key managers. It has been a pleasure working with such talented professionals, and I highly recommend retaining the MetaView team for similar assignments."

- Chairman of the Board, Mid-sized Engineering Firm