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Our Team

Steve Frigand

Steve Frigand, Principal

Steve Frigand specializes in organizational and strategy consulting, as well as executive and management team coaching. He has more than 30 years of experience successfully working with leaders in a variety of industries including technology, transportation, corrections, financial services, environmental, education, health care, government, and the non-profit sector. Steve is committed to reduce the tension, fear and misalignment that all too often develop in organizations; and through meaningful communication reestablish a foundation built upon clear direction, well-designed processes and the continual monitoring and learning from actions. He has found that respectful connection and humor help individuals and groups move forward, enabling them to tackle the most daunting issues.

Cathy Arnold

Cathy Arnold, Office Manager / Project Coordinator

Cathy has been with MetaView since 2011. She draws upon her organizational experience by performing in several key operational roles. Through her strong working relationships with clients and associates, she acts as a liaison between associates and clients. Cathy manages the day to day office activity, coordinates projects in addition to maintain MetaView’s financials.

Ariane Cherbuliez

Ariane Cherbuliez, Senior Associate

Ariane Cherbuliez is a facilitator and coach for leaders and teams to help them sustain their productivity, while feeling inspired to continue to enlarge their impact. Her work focuses on education, science, and non-profit teams in general, as well as corporate teams experiencing structural and cultural changes (i.e. a merger, change of leadership, layoffs, etc). Ariane’s coaching style, developed over more than a decade, is like a jungle gym – lots of new perspectives and unexpected twists and turns. Her clients report that they end their sessions with increased vitality, confidence and clarity about who they are and how to accomplish what matters most.

Nina Coil

Nina Coil, Senior Associate

Nina has been designing and delivering executive and professional development learning programs for over 25 years. Her work spans multiple industries and levels within both private and non-profit organizations. Her focus is on the learning – whether the recognition that comes from exploring a personality assessment, the insights that result from applying tools to real-life situations, or the surprising truths that emerge from LEGO Serious Play. Nina practices what she “preaches” by embodying joyful curiosity within the safe space she creates for people to identify meaningful next steps in their growth. She enables a clear-eyed look at the benefits of personal change, and above all, brings out the fun that underpins any good learning experience.

Lina Foster, Senior Associate

Lina Foster is an Executive Coach, Team Coach, and Organizational Consultant with over 25 years of corporate experience. As an Executive Coach, Lina uses 360 degree feedback and other assessments to provide personal insight, establish goals and enhance individual performance. She is known for her warm, direct communication style. In addition to coaching individuals, Lina is specifically trained to coach relationship systems, whether that is two people whose work is interdependent or a team of people working to get results.  Drawing on her experience as team leader of complex, cross-functional corporate projects, she is business minded and results driven.

Rob Greenly

Rob Greenly, Senior Associate

Rob Greenly is an experienced executive coach, organizational effectiveness consultant, and trainer. He draws on his own extensive senior leadership experience and scores of assignments to help his clients make maximum use of their skills, abilities, and potential. Rob’s expertise includes executive coaching, facilitation, communications, conflict negotiation, organizational redesign, performance management, teambuilding, training, competency modeling and many other areas. He cares deeply about his clients and the mission that they are striving to achieve.

Jiahong Juda

Jiahong Juda, Senior Associate

Dr. Jiahong Juda enables individuals, teams and organizations to approach their challenges in new ways that provide short and long-term benefits. She helps her clients identify points of maximum leverage and discover different modes of thinking that sustain positive change. As an “exploration partner” with a deep understanding of how human nature manifests as behaviors in the professional world, she supports individuals and teams access their full potential through their daily work, and achieve the results that are most important to them. She was an Astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Sandy Machson

Sandy Machson, Senior Associate

Sandy’s career spans over 25 years in the fields of human resources, organizational development, coaching and counseling. She has deep experience in corporate, nonprofit and clinical settings, and has served in pivotal HR and learning and development roles. She has worked in a wide variety of industries, giving her broad knowledge of business cultures and stages of organization development. Sandy believes that every business and individual career decision presents a unique opportunity to grow the business, cultivate leadership, achieve a personal goal or develop a strategy for change. Sandy has an excellent track record in guiding clients through the strategy, and nuts and bolts of being successful leaders.

Louise Mallette

Louise Mallette, Senior Associate

Louise has been an internal and external coach and consultant for more than 25 years working with technology, healthcare, bio-science, financial services, manufacturing, higher education, and non-profit organizations. Known for her ability to help individuals and organizations plan and implement change through creative design, facilitation, and training, she catalyzes leadership, team, and organizational development so that people can work cooperatively and play their “A games.”

Tony Pelusi

Tony Pelusi, Senior Associate

Tony Pelusi Jr. is a coach, facilitator, mentor, and guide, with a lifelong belief that all real learning and change comes from within. Tony partners with his clients to design a safe, supportive, and unique alliance, in order to play with options that increase personal achievement and satisfaction. Tony is fearless in asking the questions that get his clients moving on the path to discover their personal truth. By approaching obstacles head on to reveal their true nature, and then developing and implementing a plan to overcome them, Tony disintegrates barriers to change, and empowers his clients to thrive.

Claudette Rowley

Claudette Rowley, Senior Associate

As an executive coach, consultant, team developer and facilitator, Claudette has over 15 years of experience working with clients both in the U.S. and internationally. She is passionate about enabling leaders and teams to communicate effectively and engage in organizational change that’s sustainable. She is also an excellent strategic planner with a knack for building collaborative executive leadership teams to boost business performance and increase employee engagement. Her broad skills and experience includes: difficult conversations, conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making, influencing, collaboration, building effective teams, organizational alignment, accountability, and developing high performance cultures.

Allison Wilkinson

Allison Wilkinson, Senior Associate

Allie is an organizational consultant and executive coach with twenty years of experience. She brings both a warmth and boldness as she partners with clients at all levels to navigate complex problems, lead successful change initiatives, and support them in challenging decision making that draws upon their inner strength. Allie specializes in working with leaders and teams to align strategy, organizational design and program management that builds new capability, and increases competitive advantage and goal achievement. She has coached leaders in transition to find growth in adversity and joy in change, and she is passionate about designing actions with her clients that enrich their professional and personal lives.